ABG World

video and audio production             10 years  same location in Florida

Full production company with 100% successful completion rate and hundreds of satisfied clients.

Serving every client with integrity and personalized care is our professional standard.




   Professional services

Documentary Films * TV Shows
  Interviews * Family History Films

Music Videos * TV Commercials
   Infomercials * Web and YouTube Videos
    Websites * Music CD's

 Digitizing and transfers
    Video and 8/16mm Films Transfers to DVD/Blu-Ray * Audio Cassettes & Records to CD/DVD

    *  Pictures and Data Transfers to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray     PAL-NTSC Standard Conversion

    Any format to flash drive or hard drive


                                                          OUR AWARDS                                                                    

     TELLY Award 2016 Bronze                                    TELLY Award 2015 Silver

    TELLY Award 2014 Bronze                                    Hermes Award 2014 Gold 

   TELLY Award 2013 Bronze                                Hermes Award 2012 Gold       

  TELLY Award 2011 Bronze                                                  AVA Award 2010 Platinum 

Videographer Award of Distinction 2010   Videographer Award of Distinction 2009



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